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Nov 4, 2013 6:45am EST
rationale in many quarters, particularly higher education. the diversity rationale says we want to engage in special efforts to bring in people from all walks of life, all sectors, all regions, all ideological dispositions, all races. the reason why we want this is we believe that on our campuses there will be richer learning. there will be more learning, better learning, deeper learning takes place through the clash of perspective. and, you know, students will learn from one another. so the diversity rationale for affirmative action. that's some of the why affirmative action rose in the late '60s, early '70s but in these are some of the reasons that have been set for for affirmative action. okay. why is a controversial? affirmative action like all policies has cost. it has costs. what are some of those costs? there's a bunch just like there's a wide range of justifications, rationale, for affirmative action. there's also an array of costs. i'll mention a couple. let me start off with one, stigma. it's an important one because there some people, i think he neatly of the most vociferous cr
Nov 2, 2013 10:45am EDT
for some people and for some black people who had developed the skills and gone in education, so when these artificial race barriers were taken from them, they were in a position to march right forward. but that did not help so much the many millions of black people who had really been debilitated by the jim crow segregation and what about the black people because of this, that they did not get a good education or were deprived of opportunities. even when the racist barriers went down, let's hypothesize that for a moment. but because they hant. but because they have been deprived of opportunity in the past, they are nonetheless at a tremendous disadvantage in competitions to move forward in american life and people said that that is not fair. that in a sense if we do not provide a helping hand to those people, we are permitting and we are simply -- we are committing debilitating effects of racist treatment in the past to live on and we are allowing a continuation and a perpetuation of past racial mistreatment that is unjust. and that is the effort and desire to overcome the effects, t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2